"Very entertaining! Great family fun!"

James Orme, Weston-Super-Mare
(Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Playhouse, Weston-Super-Mare)



"My two and four year olds were mesmerised by the show. They loved the singing and dancing!"

Ricky Hurley, Conisbrough
(Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Civic Theatre, Doncaster)



"I'm so glad I have grandchildren, or I would have missed out on a great show!

Pam Knight, Tamworth
(Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Lichfield Garrick)



"It was fantastic! We liked the baddie because she was funny, and she became good at the end."

Daniel & Amelia Kane, Lichfield
(Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Lichfield Garrick)



"Fab! My two and a half year old daughter loved it; not too long to lose her interest. Plenty of music and colour!"

Alison Gough, Walsall Wood
(Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Lichfield Garrick)



"Thank you so much for providing us with some truly excellent entertainment last week at our fundraising event.

The auction alone brought in £1,400 - so a huge thank you for hosting that for us, and working over the time you had agreed in advance."

Nikki Hinman, Events Fundraiser
The Prince Of Wales Hospice, Pontefract
(Viva Las Vegas)



"On behalf of St. Anthony's Girls' School, I would like to thank you for the excellent Child Care production performed on 14th March.

As you could tell on the day, the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the event and it certainly made them aware of the range of different careers in Child Care."

Janet Murray, Assistant Headteacher
St. Anthony's Girls' School, Sunderland
(Stop! Children Ahead)



"I wanted to write and thank you for bringing The Panto Company into Southmoor School on the 14th and 16th of March.

All 240 of our year 9 pupils saw the performance and were extremely impressed by both the standard of the work and the content. They found it most entertaining whilst, at the same time, being very clear as to the educational message of the performance. Many of them went into the event with a fairly cynical view of the idea of working in child care and, afterwards, were fully willing to say that their attitudes had been changed or at least challenged.

This was by far one of the more successful events that we have had in school recently and touched upon many issues and ideas that are relevant to our pupils at this stage of their lives.

It was successful not only from a Citizenship (Careers) point of view but also from a cross-curricular angle in that many of the performance techniques used are those being studied at GCSE Drama. Many of the pupils commented on the high standard of performance, the range of characterisation, the expertise of multi-role play and the excellent structure of the piece - which formed a good balance between entertainment and education.

The GCSE students have been studying Theatre In Education (TIE) as a well known drama technique and this was an excellent opportunity for them to experience a highly professional and successful example of this style of performance.

Thank you once again for giving us such an excellent opportunity to see this performance. If you are creating any further projects in the near future, or already have work available, I would be grateful if you could let us know as we would very much like to be involved."

J Plant, Head of Drama and Citizenship
Southmoor Community School, Sunderland
(Stop! Children Ahead)



"It was great! We all enjoyed it!"

Ryan Csaforda, Clacton On Sea
(West Cliff Theatre, Clacton On Sea)



"A really good show! This is the first one we have taken our granddaughter to, and she really enjoyed it!"

Alice Bailey, Newbury
(Jack & Jill In The Return To The Forgotten Nursery, Corn Exchange, Newbury)



"Our son is autistic, and it's very important that shows contain lots of music and bright colours to stimulate him. He thoroughly enjoyed this show!"

David, Sarah & George Greenway, Thatcham
(Jack & Jill In The Return To The Forgotten Nursery, Corn Exchange, Newbury)



"Superb entertainment! Dancing, singing and beautiful props! Children loved it!"

Michelle Hopkins, Haverhill
(Jack & Jill In The Return To The Forgotten Nursery, Haverhill Arts Centre)



"The show was very good. My favourite characters were Goldilocks and her Stepmother"

Olivia Hatton, Ware
(Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Civic Hall, Broxbourne)



"Really good! The kids thought it was excellent!"

Sophie Drogomirecki, Maidstone
(Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone)



"Excellent! A very professional, slick show. Great fun for all the family!"

Jessica Holland, Horncastle
(Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Embassy Theatre, Skegness)



"Wonderful! The children and I laughed throughout."

Heather Davies, Ebbw Vale
(Hey Diddle Diddle, Beaufort Theatre, Ebbw Vale)



"All the family thought it was fantastic and very funny! Well done to all the cast!"

Deborah Evans, Ebbw Vale
(Hey Diddle Diddle, Beaufort Theatre, Ebbw Vale)



"Excellent show! Kept my four year old daughter captivated throughout. We both enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you!"

Alyson Harding, Ebbw Vale
(Hey Diddle Diddle, Beaufort Theatre, Ebbw Vale)



"The children got front row seats, and Mum and Dad sat at the back looking silly because we clapped and laughed along with no children beside us! Perfect!"

Elle Mercer, Blackburn
(Hey Diddle Diddle, Ribby Hall)



"I brought my 3 year olf grandaughter to the show, and she absolutely loved it! I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction of the cast with the audience. A truly wonderful show!"

Mrs. J. Marshall, Winsford
(Hey Diddle Diddle, Memorial Hall, Northwich)



"Excellent! A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Entertainment for adults and children!"

Lisa Dade, Wyre Regis
(Hey Diddle Diddle, Weymouth Pavilion)



"Absolutely brill! Loved the cast interacting with the children during the interval. Would recommend it. Thank you!"

Liza Rutherford, Dorchester
(Hey Diddle Diddle, Weymouth Pavilion)



"Very good! Nice to see lots of nursery rhymes used; I don't think many children are taught them nowadays, and it's great to see all the children enjoying them."

Janette Carroll, Coniston
(Hey Diddle Diddle, Ribby Hall)



"Absolutely super. Just what panto should be all about: full of fun, but with clear underlying messages about co-operation between friends, the possibility of achievement and the reflection of bad influences.!

Mrs. D. Pont, Weymouth
(Hey Diddle Diddle, Weymouth Pavilion)



"I really liked your play of Cinderella. Buttons was funny. I liked the Fairy Godmother. She was really nice."

"I liked the play, Cinderella. Buttons was funny. I liked Cinderella, she was good at acting. And I liked the Fairy Godmother, especially the magic words she said. Everybody was fantastic."

"I loved your play. It was brilliant. I hated the Ugly Sisters, they were nasty. I don't know how Buttons cheers Cinderella up, but I know your play was brilliant!"

"At the ball, Cinderella looked very beautiful. I liked the Fairy Godmother, her costume was pretty. I still remember the magic words. You are all great actors."

"Thank you for the pantomime. It was great. It was fab. It was fun."

Pupils from Fairlawn Primary School, London



"We took our three year old granddaughter, Holly, to watch your production of Goldilocks & The Three Bears in Nottingham. She was enthralled by the performance; we still re-enact the story every day, and she constantly asks when we will be able to visit the 'pantoline' again!

On behalf of a little girl who cannot wait to see you again - well done on the wonderful performance!"

Chris Harrington, Wollaton
(Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Nottingham)



"Many thanks for bringing your wonderful production of Sleeping Beauty to Ringway First School. On behalf of the staff and the children, I would like to say how much we all enjoyed the show, and we are looking forward very much to seeing you again in December. Well done!"

Tracy Evans
Ringway First School



"I took my partner, parents, 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter to see Robinson Crusoe on Boxing Day. The past two pantos I have seen have been quite smutty, and not really what I would call family entertainment - so it was great to get back to family values!

We all loved the show; the acting and singing were top class. My daughter has a hearing disability and can be quite shy and reserved - but she sang and clapped with all the songs, and she stood and danced to 'Is This The Way To Amarillo?'! When it was announced that you could have your photo taken, she was straight onto the stage! Her photo, and pictures that I have printed from your web site, are shown to everyone, along with a complete run-down of the show. It's great to see her so animated!

I will be requesting that Melton Theatre book with you again."

Dawn Rea, Melton Mowbray
(Robinson Crusoe, Melton Theatre, Melton Mowbray)



"I just wanted to drop you a quick note. My son and I recently went to our first panto together at a theatre in town. It was appalling! So many opera type songs, no 'it's behind you' or audience particiaption. A lot of the audience, including us, left at the interval.

Then, my friend got us tickets for your show and, because of our experience, we were quite dreading it.

I just wanted to say A BIG THANK YOU to you and your staff. You certainly put the fun back into panto for us! It was brilliant, fun, interactive, exciting, very enjoyable and pleasantly inexpensive. Many thanks once again!"

Nicola Hopkins, Wallsend
(Goldilocks & The Three Bears, Bedlington)



"In June, we were fortunate enough to win a local competition. One of our prizes was a theatre performance in school of 'Jack & Jill In The Forgotten Nursery'.

It was a fantastic afternoon, full of laughs and enjoyment; the children were enthralled. Jack and Jill helped each of the toys left in the nursery to develop important skills, such as learning how to be kind and caring to each other, to eat healthily, and to try to make others laugh and be happy.

All the actors were outstanding and kept our audience, aged 3 to 50+, thoroughly entertained for the whole afternoon. We were so impressed that we booked them on the spot for their December performance of 'Sleeping Beauty'".

Carol Crerar, Headteacher
Backworth Park Primary School


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