A SPECTACULAR Superhero Workshop Party!

Have you ever wanted to soar through the air, catch bad guys, foil wicked plots and wear really cool costumes? Well, now you can – thanks to Captain Spectacular!

The Captain swings into action for this laugh a minute party – accompanied by his trusty sidekick, Power Girl. They need help to defeat the wicked Mephisto, who is planning to poison all the world’s party food!

So, Captain Spectacular and Power Girl are recruiting new superheroes – before it’s too late!


As your party guests arrive in home made superhero costumes, Captain Spectacular and Power Girl will be there to meet them and take them through their training:

  • They’ll design a superhero badge in Going Logo!
  • Learn to move stealthily in SHHH!
  • Track down Mephisto’s weaknesses in Trailblazers!
  • Battle the bad guys in Showdown!
  • And much, much more!


When you book Captain Spectacular, we provide:

  • Two professional actors, both in superhero costume!
  • All the craft materials required for the activities involved in the party!
  • A powerful sound system, providing up to date chart music during the activities!
  • Tons of incredible audience participation – everyone takes part in the event!
  • UniqueCaptain Spectacular certificates for everyone who attends!


Captain Spectacular runs for 60 minutes.

To book Captain Spectacular call 01670 854321
or e-mail

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