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Rumplestiltskin Temporary ImageTimes are hard in Much Muddle-On-The Marsh, especially when greedy baker, Pru Blossom blurts out to King Melvyn that her beautiful daughter, Daisy, can spin pure gold from straw. The treasure obsessed King immediately locks Daisy in the stables, demanding that she turn all the straw around her into the precious metal. Daisy is, of course, terrified as she has no idea how to complete the task; even Charlie, the handsome stable boy cannot console her.

All looks doomed until, during the night, a strange little man – Rumplestiltskin – appears, offering to help Daisy. He promises to spin the straw into gold in return for her necklace. Daisy hastily agrees and, by dawn, the barn glistens and shimmers. The King is delighted but, instead of congratulating Daisy, he locks her up again – with twice as much straw to spin!

Will the magical Rumplestiltskin return to help Daisy, and what will he ask in return? Can Charlie muster the courage to tell Daisy how he feels about her? And just what will Grub, the King’s comical food taster, get wrong next? Find out as The Panto Company spins this classic tale into a golden show for children of all ages, filled with clap-a-long songs and amazing audience participation. Don’t miss it!

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