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Hidden in the attic of Kingsley Hall lies the Victorian nursery created by renowned toy maker, Henry J. Kingsley. Ever since twins, Jack and Jill, discovered the nursery and helped the enchanted toys within to restore magic to the attic, they have eagerly awaited the day when their family moves in to the old house and they can be with their new friends.

That day has finally arrived – with disastrous consequences…

During the move, Ted the Teddy curiously switches on Jack’s computer game console, and begins to play a shoot-em-up featuring a wicked robot called Zektron. However, the magical atmosphere quickly affects the console and, before Ted can switch it off, Zektron steps off the screen with one mission inZektron mind: to rid his surroundings of old fashioned toys!

Trapped inside the nursery, Jack & Jill’s only hope of defeating Zektron lies in Rose the Rag Doll, Ted and a brand new toy – a confidence lacking pirate named Poppy. Will they be able to stop the robotic monster from destroying anything without a computer chip?

Jack & Jill In The Return To The Forgotten Nursery is the action packed sequel to The Panto Company’s original musical, Jack & Jill In The Forgotten Nursery. The new show is crammed with exciting story twists, original songs and gallons of audience participation.

And best of all – you don’t have to have seen the original to enjoy it!

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