Become a MOVIE STAR, and make a film with all your friends!

Have you ever wanted to walk the red carpet at a movie premiere? Well, now you can – and you’ll also be the star of the film!

When you book Movie Magic, we provide you with a choice of two short film scripts; Grease UK and The Haunted Mansion. Simply pick one of these scripts, and it will be sent out to the birthday child, along with instructions as to how they can cast their friends in the roles, make costumes and choose shooting locations.

Then, on the party day, we’ll arrive with video equipment to shoot the movie! Two weeks later, the finished film will be delivered to you on DVD, so that you can hold your own red carpet premiere! It’s movie magic!


Your party guests will:

  • Receive a script, and learn their lines – just like a real film star!
  • Take part in a unique movie shoot!
  • Be able to watch themselves at your very own movie premiere!
  • Enjoy out-takes and funny moments from the party!
  • And much, much more!


When you book Movie Magic, we provide:

  • Two professional actors, experienced in short film making!
  • Up to the minute digital video equipment to both shoot and edit the movie!
  • Acting tips and help for all the young stars!
  • Tons of incredible participation – everyone takes part in the event!
  • The finished movie on DVD, plus extra copies can be purchased for friends and family!



Movie Magic runs for 3 hours


To book Movie Magic call 01670 854321
or e-mail

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