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If you go down to the woods today...
you’re sure of laughter and adventure like never before!

Life is peaceful in the Enchanted Forest , home to Daddy Bear and Mummy Bear - two of the world’s most famous circus performers - who have retired to a small cottage to raise their energetic son, Baby Bear, away from the pressures of show business.

Life is good. Every week, they collect fruit and honey in the forest and give it to the Baron’s butler, Velcro, as rent for their beautiful home. Even their unexpected guest, Goldilocks, quickly becomes Baby Bear’s best friend.

Goldilocks lives with her step mother, Baroness Sneer, who has bought the Enchanted Forest from her brother. However the Baroness has a secret: she collects fur coats - and only needs one type of fur to complete her wardrobe... Baby Bear fur!

She commands that Daddy Bear and Mummy Bear perform at her birthday party. If they refuse, she’ll evict them from their cottage and use it to store her shoes. But, when Goldilocks goes to deliver the bears’ reluctant agreement, she overhears her step mother’s plans to increase her collection of coats.

Can Goldilocks help the bears to keep their cottage, and save Baby’s fur?

This interactive adventure is a must for any venue. With original songs, stunning sets, and incredible costumes - Goldilocks & The Three Bears will delight young and old alike.

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