The ULTIMATE children's puppet show!

Davey wants to party!Davey
the puppet is both very cheeky – and very confused! He’s trying to tell his sister, Jenny, a bedtime story – but he keeps getting his fairy tales mixed up! Did Little Red Riding Hood have a lightsabre? Why did Hansel & Gretel choose the house made from sprouts over the Gingerbread Cottage? And just what did the three little pigs do when they saw a bulldozer chugging towards them?

Davey's Ridiculous Rhymes is an interactive puppet show where everyone joins in! Your party guests will need to shout out and correct Davey as he gets story after story the wrong way round! Plus, they’ll meet new friends in the shape of Cheeky Monkey, Floppet the Rabbit, Granny and many more!

Ideal for the under fives. Not to be missed!


Your party guests will:

  • Sing along with nursery rhymes, popular chart hits and more!
  • Shout out and help Davey as he gets more and more muddled!
  • Solve the clues to discover where Granny’s hat has gone!
  • Help Little Red Riding Hood find a missing lion!
  • And much, much more!


When you book Davey's Ridiculous Rhymes , we provide:

  • An amazing puppet booth design especially for this show!
  • Two professional presenters, who also perform all the wonderful puppet characters!
  • A powerful sound system with both performers on radio microphones!
  • Tons of incredible participation – everyone takes part in the event!
  • Unique Davey's Ridiculous Rhymes colouring sheets for everyone to take home!


Davey's Ridiculous Rhymes runs for 45 minutes


To book Davey's Ridiculous Rhymes call 01670 854321
or e-mail info@thepantocompany.com

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