The ULTIMATE Children's Party Show!

Are you tired of the same, boring shows at your kids' birthday parties?  Fed up watching Uncle Frank and his Elderly Rabbit?  Can't take another tedious game of Pass The Parcel or dull session of Musical Chairs?

Then you need Boredom Busters - a gobsmacking game show packed with ridiculous rounds, anarchic activities and manic music!  The show pits two teams against each other in a series of crazy challenges to discover just who will be crowned The Greatest Party Guests In The World - Ever!


Your party guests will:

  • Try not to giggle in Chunky Bum!
  • Race to find objects in Grab It!
  • Make marvellous monsters in I Want My Mummy!
  • Give incorrect answers in Wrong!
  • And much, much more!


When you book Boredom Busters, we provide:

  • A set which expands or contracts to fit your venue – from a living room to a church hall!
  • Two professional presenters, both on radio microphones – they can go anywhere!
  • A powerful sound system, providing up to date chart music during the activities!
  • Tons of incredible audience participation – everyone takes part in the show!
  • Unique Boredom Busters certificates for the winners!


Boredom Busters runs for 60 minutes.

Boredom Busters is ideal for any number
of kids, aged between 6 and 16!

To book Boredom Busters call 01670 854321
or e-mail

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